Endowed Funds

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Ellen and Courtland Agre Awards in Chemistry and Pre-Medicine
Gordon Allport Award in Psychology


Dr. E. Gordon and Alice Behrents Endowment in Biology Research
Eunice Belgum Memorial Fund
Benjamin Family Endowment Fund
Donald Berglund Memorial Endowment
Leona Birkeland Biology Endowment
Kay Winger Blair Endowment Award in Mathematics
Bodman East Asian Collection Fund
Boldt Fund for Career Enhancement
O.C. and Patricia Boldt Family Chair in Humanities
E. Kenneth Bonde Memorial Awards
Cynthia Schroeder Brochman Memorial Endowment for Women's Cross Country and Track
Alice Burton Endowed Biology Fund
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Clarence S. Carlson Endowed Fund 
Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts
Albert and Virginia Christ-Janer Endowment
Judith A. Christensen Endowment Fund
Albert Christ-Janer Endowment
Clarence Clausen Faculty Development Fund
Gladys Coleman Chemistry Equipment Endowment
Dan Cybyske/Class of '94 Endowed Library Fund
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Bruce R. Dalgaard and Carol L.  Korda Scholarship Fund
H. Ditmanson Faculty Recognition Endowment
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Morton J. and Thelma F. Egeland Endowment for Environmental Science
Ellefson Lutheran Heritage Endowment
Emerging Scholars in Chemistry Fund
Emil O. Ellingson Endowed Fund in Chemistry
Russell Ellingson Endowment for Faculty Development
Russell O. Ellingson Library Endowment Fund
English Endowment
Donovan A. Erickson Endowed Chair
Endowment for Experiential Learning
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Faculty Development Fund for Statistical Sciences
Elmer G. Fardal St. Olaf Band Endowment
Al Finholt Faculty Development Fund in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Albert Finholt Endowed Fund for Student Summer Research in Chemistry
Finstad Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Paul Finstad Entrepreneurial Awards
Arnold Flaten Memorial Fund
Ole Flaten Memorial Fund
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Gandy Endowment 
Melvin D. George Regents/Student Leadership Fund
Melvin George Student/Alumni Service Awards
Ole Glesne Seminary Fund
Amalie Olsen Granrud Library Fund
Virginia Ann Dekker Groot Fund
Grose Family Fund for Gay and Lesbian Advocacy
David Frederick Grose '66 Faculty Research Endowment
David Frederick Grose '66 Study Abroad Scholarship
Frederick Gaylord Grose Lecture in Norwegian Studies
Marie Swelland Grose Lecture in Ethics and Medicine
Groton Endowment for Classics
June and Alvin Grundahl Endowed Fund
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Henry and Janet Halvorson Endowment 
Hanley Endowment for Band
Hanley Endowment for Choir
Hanley Endowment for Orchestra
Kathleen Kolstad Hanley Endowed International Music Scholarship
H.B. Hanson Endowed Chaplaincy Fund
John J. and Maline Hanson Endowment
Paul and Mildred Hardy Endowed Chair - for the Natural Sciences
Hatch Cross Country Endowment
Dave Hauck Award Fund
Jeffrey and Deborah Hayman Asian Studies Endowment
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lea Anne Hedges Memorial Endowment for Women's Athletics
Marie Sybilrud Hendrickson Endowed Scholarship and Award in Music Composition and Humanities
Hewlett-Mellon Endowed Fund
Grace Holstad Endowment for Faculty Development
Leslie and Gretchen Holt Faculty Development Fund
The Howard V. and Edna H. Hong Fund for the Rimbach Teacher Program
Husby-Johnson Chair in Business and Economics
Hustad Fellowship in American Identity
Harriet Hustvedt Faculty Development and Travel Endowed Fund
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Leif and Joen Mattila Jacobsen Endowment in Campus Ministry
Johnson Family Opportunity Fund
Lowell E. and Barbara Johnson Endowed Scholarship Award
Elliot and Klara Stockdal Johnson Endowed Chair
Klara Stockdal Johnson Endowment
Mary Ann Christensen Johnson Endowment for Historical Research
Miles Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Robert L. Jungas Endowed Fund in Chemistry
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Kierkegaard House Fund 
Kierkegaard Library Endowment
Amanda Kimer Social Work Endowment
Lowell and Doris Kispert Endowed Fund in Chemistry
Kjos Endowment for the St. Olaf Choir
Kjos Manitou Singers Fund
Kjos Endowment for the St. Olaf Orchestra
Kleber-Gery Endowed Speaker Fund
Kloeck-Jenson Endowment for Peace and Justice Studies
Koester Family St. Olaf College Band Endowed Fund
Peter W. and Tracy Adams Kooman '88 Endowed Fund
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Edolph A. Larson and Truman E. Anderson, Sr., Professorship in Chemistry
Loren C. Larson Endowed Fund
Leean Carpenter Art Apprentice Fund
David and Lissa Leege Endowment
Robert Leraas Fund
Stanton J. and Lucille Linden Literary Reserach Fund
Loomis Endowed Academic Award
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Magnus the Good Endowed Fund 
Sonya Pedersen Margerum and Dale W. Margerum Endowment in Science, Political Science, and Government Service
George and Pearl Martinson Endowed Fund for Norwegian Studies
Martin Marty Endowment
Betty McNeely Faculty Development Fund in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics
John and Karen Meslow Endowment for Experiential Learning
Thor L. Mickelson Endowment for Faculty Development
Juta R. Millert Memorial Speaker Series in Psychology
Philip W. Moeller International Studies Program Endowed Fund
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William H.K. Narum Faculty Fund
Carl and Amy Narvestad - Andrea Een Endowed Fund for Folk Music and Dance
Henry and Agnes Nelson Family Endowment for Natural Lands and Environmental Science
Nygaard-Dittmann Endowment for Art History
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King Olav V Chair in Scandinavian-American Studies 
Arthur C. Odden Book Fund
Ole Cup Awards Endowment
Ken Olsen Memorial Endowment
Dr. David H. and Karen Olson Marriage and Family Endowment
Duane and Joan Olson Endowment in Physics
Rolf Peter Overby Memorial Endowment
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Kathryn Scott Peterson Library Fund 
Phi Beta Kappa Endowed Fund / Delta Chapter of Minnesota
Harry C. Piper Fund
Psychology Student Research Endowment Fund
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Betty Ann Ramseth Fund in Church Music 
Ramseth-Donhowe Fund
Rimbach Teacher Endowed Fund
LaVern and Barbara Rippley Endowed Professorship in Foreign Language
Gaylan and Mary Garnaas Rockswold Endowment
Viola M. Rossing Endowed Prize
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Jon and Jennifer (Ryden) Salveson Family Endowment
Joy Korda Schaefer Memorial Scholarship Fund
David L. and Margery Ostrom Scheie Endowment
Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe Fund for the Study of Norwegian Music
Robert Scholz Endowed Chair in Music
Brooke and Kari Schumm Endowment for Faculty Development in Mathematics
Mary Shamrock World Music Endowment
Shaw Olson Endowed Fund for the Center for College History
Darryl and Rita Solberg Endowment
Edlo and Arthur Solum Endowed Fund
Toni Sostek Memorial Endowed Fund
Ansgar and Muriel Sovik Endowed Fund
Sevrin G. and Patricia A. Steen Endowed Scholarship
St. Olaf Choir 100th Anniversary Endowment Fund
Dr. Clara A. Storvick Library Endowment
Harry Stoutland Fund
Judith Anderson Stoutland Endowed Fund for the Department of English
Walter Stromseth Endowed Fund
Paul Svoboda Pre-Law Education Endowment
Swanson Humor Award in English
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Minoru Tada Endowment 
Tengdin Director of Varsity Skiing Endowment
D. J. Tengdin Memorial Endowment
Helen M. Thal Endowed Fund
Oriet Fardal Thomson Endowment
O. Jay and Pat Tomson Regents Endowment for Servant Leadership
Harry R. and Thora H. Tosdal Professorship in Music
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George W. Utech '53 Endowment for the Support of the Hong Kierkegaard Library


Vessey-Carlson Endowed Fund
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Ann Wagner Endowment for Dance
Donald and Christine Hubbert Wertman Endowment in Organ and Church Music
Grace Whittier Endowed Chair in Natural Sciences
Ken Wilkens Speech-Theater Department Endowment
Robert C. Wood Endowed Scholarship
Karen Buchwald Wright '74 Endowment for the Support of the Great Conversation
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Zibell Family Endowment for the St. Olaf Band, St. Olaf Choir, and St. Olaf Orchestra

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